Temporary Closure of the Oakville Naturopathic Wellness Centre

March 20 through April 6, 2020*

Note: Naturopathic Appointments can continue using Telephone or Telemedicine

The outbreak and spread of the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 in Ontario and Canada has led to restrictions for patients consulting with Naturopathic Doctors. Coronavirus COVD-19 is now spreading in communities in Canada, surpassing transmission by travellers returning from other countries. The Oakville Naturopathic Wellness Centre team joins other health care professions in closing the Centre for the next 2 weeks to help increase the safety of residents and people within Canada. All Patients are encouraged to stay home as much as possible and practice “physical (social) distancing”.

As of midnight March 24, 2020 the Ontario Government required all “non-essential” businesses to close until further notice. The Ministry of Health has also directed many health care professions to cease operating or having contact with patients if the consultations would be deemed “non-essential”. A clear definition of what is “essential” varies from person-to-person, and practitioner-to-practitioner. On the same day the College of Naturopaths of Ontario stated “the Premier has also said that businesses that provide services virtually should continue to fully operate” and that “emergency care by health providers…are exempt from this closure”. Mental health is definitely deemed as “essential”.

We would like our patients to know that we understand you may have to postpone your care and/or treatment: if you’ve lost your job, or have income or benefits insecurity, you may not feel you can continue your care. You may feel overwhelmed by the uncertainty of these times, and don’t feel able to continue your naturopathic treatment at this time. 

We would suggest to you that maintaining your health in the most optimal manner at times like these could improve your resistance to infection, or improve your resilience in recovering from an infection. You are encouraged to continue your current list of treatments or supplements. If you need advice because your condition might be faltering or worsening, this would be considered to be essential care and thus a telemedicine consultation would be appropriate and timely. Changes to treatment because your condition is improving should also be considered at this time; you shouldn’t lose that progress. Finally, feeling healthy and vital is a good way to maintain your quality of life. 

A woman sitting in the lotus position with her legs crossed.

If you wish to continue with your scheduled appointments (or to book a consultation) by Telemedicine, please call or email the office. A consent form for Telemedicine will be provided to you prior to your scheduled consultation: please review it, sign it, scan it and return it to ONWC before your scheduled appointment. Consultations are available between 9 am and 6 pm Monday thru Thursday, and 9 am to 1 pm on Friday. Supplement refills can also be arranged with “drive-by pickup” with advance notice.

Sincerely, in health,

Dr. Nyla Jiwani, B.Sc., N.D.

*re-opening of the Centre is contingent on direction from Government: this closure may be extended.