Individualized and unique training sessions provided by our top experienced personal trainers are developed for each client to help them achieve their fitness goals.

This includes: weight loss reduction in fat percentage developing lean body mass strengthening bones “rehabilitation exercises for shoulder, back, knee/ligament injuries” strengthening core athletic training and helping clients get back to their original fitness level post-childbirth and surgery.

…an incredible 96% of all weight loss attempts fail
…over 70% of Canadians are now overweight
…almost 25% of us are now “clinically obese”
…and we gain back a heartbreaking 95% of the pounds we lose!
Do you find all of this as shocking—and as unacceptable—as we do? If so…

Which explains why…

  • Virtually all major sports figures and Olympic athletes use personal trainers to get and keep their “winning edge.”
  • Tens of thousands of corporate executives at all levels rely on coaches to ensure their success.
  • Countless entrepreneurs and small business owners use personal coaches to help them succeed where others fail.
  • And thousands of “just plain folks” use personal trainers on a regular basis to find better health & energy improved fitness much needed support in making wiser food choices and lose weight!