Did someone say sauna?

Feeling a little cold and want to warm up? Try out our infrared saunas.
Conventional saunas heat up the space around you and usually use uncomfortably high temperatures to warm you up. But infrared saunas warm your body up directly, which require less heat than a regular sauna, making it a safer option for most people.
Infrared saunas not only warm you up but are also great for your health. Below are a few reasons why you might consider trying one out.

A woman sitting in the lotus position with her legs crossed.A woman sitting in the lotus position with her legs crossed.1. Promotes detoxification – infrared saunas have shown to remove toxins via sweating. Studies have shown that some heavy metals are excreted in sweat, helping you lower your toxic load.

2. Benefits your blood pressure, weight and heart health –
several German studies have shown using an infrared sauna improved hypertension outcomes in men and have shown to support weight loss, alongside lifestyle changes.

3. Reduce joint and muscle pain – infrared therapy is naturally anti-inflammatory, specifically targeting muscle and joint pain. In one study comparing hospitalized patients who received either physical therapy and CBT versus infrared therapy, the sauna group reported less pain and better mood following sauna use. At a 2 year follow up 77% of the sauna group went back to work, whereas only 50% of the control group were able to go back to work.
4. Improve circulation – the direct heat generated by infrared waves causes blood vessels to dilate, this dilation encourage blood flow throughout the body and can help with those icy cold hands/feet and the cold jitters.
5. Promotes healthy skin – this one is easy, blood carries nutrients, cells and toxins throughout your body. Right underneath your skin are tiny blood vessels called capillaries. If your bloodstream contains toxins, guess where it shows up? That’s right your skin! So, the more you sweat out those toxins, the more your skin will gain that healthy glow.

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Brought to you by: Dr. Kajal Chohan
Naturopathic Doctor & Certified Doula

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