What is Functional Range Release®?

What is Functional Range Release®?

Functional Range Release technique or FR® is an advanced, and comprehensive system of musculoskeletal assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation utilized by leading manual medical practitioners and therapists around the world. It is created out of the most scientific literature and it represents a cohesive system of manual care. This system involves an assessment using functional anatomic palpation and tissue tension technique. The FR® release treatment method is applied to any abhorrent tissue found and Progressive & Regressive Angular Isometric Loads (PAILs/RAILs) are placed on the target tissue in order to obtain and strengthen the newly gained functional range of motion.

Geoffrey Malana a Registered Massage Therapists is also a certified Functional Range Release ® upper limb practitioner. He has been utilizing this as part of his treatment protocols in order to optimize the tissues mechanics and the overall healing process. If you’ve been experiencing any nagging shoulder injuries or discomfort, FR® systems can definitely help ease you of your pain.

What to expect during treatment?

In a normal treatment, the practitioner assesses the tissues in multitude of ranges in order to find any tissues that may be affected. Once found treatment begins immediately. The release of the tissues can vary in depth throughout the treatment and once released PAILs is applied to gain SAID range. Treatments are typically not done while the client is in between sheets as we need the client to move in different ranges. For men wearing shorts during the treatment is ideal, and for women shorts and sports bra or tank top is sufficient enough to access the target tissues.

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