Weight Management can deal with many phases. In the first phase, the goal of the client is to decrease weight, however, our goal is to decrease fat percentage. By creating nutritional plans and working on overall lifestyle habits we can maintain the weight loss that has taken place.  This can include specific training to formulate exercise programs specifically for the goals of the client.

Sometimes our clients find they are doing the right things but the weight isn’t changing. In these cases, we delve deeper to find the underlying route cause. Checking for insulin resistance, underlying thyroid conditions, or food intolerances creating inflammation in the body could be the obstacles that prevent the weight loss.

Lastly there are specific programs that are done “individually”  each client. For some, detoxification is required lessening the burden from the liver thereby allowing for digestion of carbohydrates to be more efficient. Some clients we put into ketosis for a period of time to help with lipolysis or fat burning. This is a temporary state and is monitored by a Naturopathic doctor, while coaches meet with clients weekly to keep them on the right path and create accountability to improve the individual success of weight loss. After these clients slowly phase out of the program by implementing food back into the body to ease digestion we achieve the end result in retraining the pancreas to output insulin effectively.

An initial consultation is done by the Naturopathic Doctor to see which program is best suited for each individual.