Weight Loss in the New Year

A woman sitting in the lotus position with her legs crossed.By: Tracey Martino

A New Year can symbolize new beginnings, and for many moms, weight loss often tops the list of resolutions. Whether it’s shedding the pounds from a recent childbirth or the cumulative weight gain from the collective years of rearing children, knowing how to get started can be daunting. With so many diets, exercise options, and not enough time, how do you determine what’s right for you?

Knowing yourself is the key! Here are some things to consider to better help you achieve maximum results that will last.

  1. How much time do you have to devote to physical activity in a day/week?
  2. Purge your kitchen cupboards of unhealthy foods.
  3. What do you like to do? Walk, run, cycle, group fitness, etc.
  4. Determine the triggers that can get in your way or could sabotage your fitness and diet regimen.
  5. Avoid late-night snacking.
  6. In addition to a structured fitness plan, become more active. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk/cycle to drop off and pick up the kids at school, etc.
  7. Working out in the morning can lead to better decision making throughout the day.
  8. Drink lots of water.

There are many Health and Fitness Professionals in our community to guide, motivate, and challenge you along the way. At the Oakville Naturopathic Wellness Centre, we have a top-notch team of Nutritionists, Naturopathic Doctors, and Personal Trainers who can facilitate your weight loss success story. Call to book an appointment (905) 825-9996 or email info@onwc.ca

Tracey has worked in the fitness industry since the mid-80s, where she began as a Group Fitness Instructor. She later transitioned into Personal Training where she discovered her true passion of working one on one with clients to achieve results to enhance the quality of their lives. Tracey’s training and life philosophy is “Everything in Moderation”.

Tracey’s services are available through Oakville Naturopathic Wellness Centre.