LIFE LABS – Pilot Project at ONWC

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ONWC is supporting Life Labs to see if they can bring convenience to their clients and our patients. If interested go to their website.

1)  Is the Patient doing only non-3rd party testing (ie Life Labs and Rocky Mountain Testing only)?

a) If Yes, proceed to Step 2.

b) If no, patient is not eligible for this phase of the pilot as 3rd Party kits are no yet included.

2) Does the patient live in the MyVisit Pilot geography? (Between Oakville in the west, Bayview Ave east limit, and south of Hwy 401)

a) To confirm this, please check their postal code via this link:

The page has a search bar (see below) that allows people to enter a postal code to check if we are providing service at their location. A green check mark will appear if the location is served. A red check mark will appear if we currently do not serve the location.

3) If the patient DOES live within the designated geography, let them know that they can set up their appointment by calling the number or emailing the address at the bottom of the  post card.


a) Who is this service for?- It’s for busy professionals, or patients looking for a convenience option

b) Can the visit take place in either my home or workplace?- Yes!

c) What is the MyVisit service fee?- $60.00, and can be paid via Visa or Mastercard during the visit

d) Between which hours is MyVisit available? Mon-Fri, 6am-7pm.