Expectations if you are attending an appointment at ONWC after July 15, 2020

Telemedicine consultations (telephone, or video-link) remain the preferred approach to consultations with the Naturopathic Doctors and some practitioners for the foreseeable future. There are four (4) reasons for consultations to take place at the ONWC offices:

  1. You/your family member need a physical examination to better assess your condition
  2. Allergy desensitization treatments (NAET or LDA/LDI)
  3. Bioenergetic Evaluation (BEE) testing is recommended to help your assessment
  4. Your appointment is for manual therapy (massage, osteopathy, live blood analysis, acupuncture, nutritional weigh-ins, measurements and IV therapy)

The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has directed health care providers to carefully consider any visits to their offices for “non-essential” consultations, preferably conducting them using Telemedicine.

Patients should attend their consultations alone; extra family members are not permitted to enter the office(s). If the consultation is for a child, only one parent can attend. It is best if other family members remain at home, especially on hot days. Children are not to be left alone in cars, unattended.

When your appointment is booked, ONWC office staff will review the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 infection with you. Please answer honestly, for everyone’s protection: If you answer “Yes” to any question, your appointment cannot be booked and you will be advised to check the Ministry guidelines for further steps or actions. 

If you have had COVID-19, please provide proof of two negative tests (24 hours apart, minimum) if you are requesting (or require) an in-office consultation.

Please bring an appropriate face-mask. You will be required to wear this throughout the consultation. Gloves are not required unless you choose to wear them (please bring these as well). Gloves will need to be removed at the door (you can choose to keep them or dispose of them, as they carry and spread germs especially if you have been wearing them all day to different areas. The consultation rooms will be cleaned between consultations. If you have forgotten masks you may purchase them for $2 from the front desk which can be added to your billing for that day.

Please remain in your car in the parking lot when you arrive for your appointment. You will be called or sent a text message when the practitioner is ready to see you. The COVID-19 “checklist” will be reviewed again when you enter ONWC, along with a temperature check, hand sanitization and then proceed into their office.

Please be respectful of the appointment times. If there is need for additional consultation time, it will be booked at a later day and time. While each practitioner requires time to clean their office between patient consultations, appointments of other ONWC practitioners are being scheduled to avoid congestion or waiting at the front desk or in the Reception area.

All payment for appointments, tests and/or natural medicines must be paid by credit card or debit ideally using the “tap” feature. Cash and cheques will not be accepted. E-transfers must be approved ahead of time, and may be required before the appointment or delivery of tests/medicines. Payments may be processed during your appointment, where your only time at the desk will be to pickup your receipt and/or any other items you may require. If additional time is required to fill a supplement order, you will be asked to wait in your car and the order will be brought to you or placed in the mailbox. 

Thank you for reviewing these conditions, as we all continue to make efforts to reduce and stop the spread of COVID-19.