A woman sitting in the lotus position with her legs crossed.Cycle Sauna is the most natural way to warm your body. Safer than sunshine (no harmful UVs).

More importantly, it doesn’t raise your core body temperature so it is less stressful on your heart and lungs than a traditional high temperature electric or wood-fired sauna. The gentle infrared elements are carefully designed so the interior environment feels like a warm day, not a volcano. The infrared heat is natural, just like sun beaming through a south facing window on a cold day, or heat reflected onto the soles of your feet when walking on a beach. Cycle Sauna`s ceramic elements are high in silica. Just like glass. Just like sand. Just like nature designed.

The gentle infrared heat of Cycle Sauna mobilizes lactic acid that causes muscle cramping after a workout. It helps muscles recover instantly so that you can workout every day without sustaining a stress injury from the continuous pace. It also speeds soft tissue injury repair at the cellular level, which reduces the chance of a soft tissue injury – the number one reason people have to stop an exercise regime.

You don’t have to raise your core body temperature in order to sweat in this sauna. If you start after exercising you can begin sweating in only three minutes. You can get a full detoxifying sweat in 10-12 minutes, and feel relaxed and rejuvenated after your workout.

Cycling in a sauna has been the exclusive secret of a handful of elite athletes. The “elite of the elite”. This is because breathing super-hot air while exercising normally will overtax your heart and lungs so quickly that most people – even professional athletes – can’t tolerate it. The recent development of North American made far infrared heaters in medical therapy has caught the attention of a few trainers at the top of the athletic world. The Ottawa Senators have used it for physiotherapy and injury prevention. The Canadian Armed Forces have used it in the infantry training center. Cycle Sauna is the evolution of this technology and puts this previously unattainable elite exercise easily and safely in the hands of everyone, not just athletes, but anyone who wants to improve their energy, strength and longevity.

Sweating without raising your core body temperature produces a detoxifying sweat so powerful it is proven to remove heavy metals like lead and mercury as well as complex chemicals like pesticides and car exhaust. These toxins are part of our daily intake in this modern world, and Cycle Sauna is scientifically proven to remove almost all of them.

What Chris Chelios understood in 1980, has now been proven by doctors at the University of Alberta Medical School.  In September of 2010, The Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology published evidence that measured the toxicity of human sweat particles and showed that this is how our bodies prefer to clean themselves of modern day environmental toxins that are commonly in our food.

Cycle Sauna`s patented infrared heating system gently and naturally penetrates your skin at exactly the same wavelength that the Sun heats your body. This means your outer skin gets quickly and naturally warm, not your inner organs. So your lungs breathe normally, your heart pumps normally, and very little exercise is required to start sweating profusely. The same heat warms your muscles and soft tissues and relaxes post work-out stiffness and cramping by mobilizing lactic acid away from your affected muscle zones.

You go inside within 10 minutes of turning it on when the temperature is only 75F (24C). You start cycling as the temperature rises. A normal session is 15-20 minutes depending how much exercise you’ve done immediately before entering. The more exercise you’ve already done, the faster you`ll sweat. Long before it raises your core body temperature you will break a profuse sweat and finish your session.

Aaron Downey trains his elite athletes to finish their workout with the Cycle Sauna. This way they can do as little as 10 minutes and sweat within 2 minutes after completing a strenuous workout session. The average person can simply turn it on and do 10 minutes of yoga or pre-workout stretching while it warms up.

In the larger units people love doing Hot Yoga. It is described by professionals as “the best hot yoga space in the world”. You a can also use resistance style step machines. However motorized machines such as treadmills must not be used since the heat may affect the already-hot motor. Bikes, elipticals or other exercise machines with grease or oil may smell inside the hot sauna or produce toxic fumes.

Anyone on heart medication must consult their doctor. No pregnant woman should use a sauna due to the delicacy of their core-body temperature range and its effect on the developing baby. But Cycle Sauna is safe and even recommended for Asthmatics, and people with chronic complaints like fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic fatigue, diabetes and autoimmune disorders.

Every Cycle Sauna easily converts to a regular sit-down infrared sauna with our Quick-Change bench system. When used this way they require longer heat-up times, normally 15-20 mins.

Cell phones and WiFi emit pulsed microwave radiation that is shown to interfere with heart rate variability. This can place an undue stress on the heart during exercise and has been shown to trigger tachycardia (speeding heart rate). Always turn it off throughout the house before exercising in your Cycle Sauna.

Every Cycle Sauna comes with a 10 year Guarantee against manufacturer defect. Every part is removable with a simple screwdriver and serviceable from anywhere in the world. Every unit is Handcrafted in Canada by a highly qualified and experienced team. Before putting their names behind our product both Chris Chelios and Aaron Downey tested Cycle Sauna, fell in love with Cycle sauna, and personally inspected our factory to ensure we do right by every sauna and every customer.

Regular users of Cycle Sauna report an increase in energy that lasts all day. Better sleep through the night. Improved skin tone from the profuse sweating and weight re-balancing.