Dr. Aaron Van Gaver, BSc. ND

Dr. Aaron Van Gaver, ND is a recent addition to our team! He has practiced as a Naturopathic Doctor in Vancouver, British Columbia for the past 16 years.  While he grew up and trained in Ontario, Dr. Aaron has extensive experience working in a province where the Naturopathic profession has had an expanded scope of practice.  His experience working with patients on multiple medications has been key in growing his interest in helping individuals optimize their current prescription medications.  
Dr. Aaron has a practice focused on Hormone health, GI health, Allergies, Mental wellness and addiction.  His motto is “you take the first step, and I’ll walk with you the rest”; he is both a doctor as well as a coach.
In addition to Dr. Van Gaver’s Naturopathic training, he is also a certified addiction counsellor as well as a recovery coach. These are added skills and tools that help ensure his patients are supported not just physically but also emotionally.
If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Aaron Van Gaver, ND, or would like to schedule a complimentary 15 min meet and greet; please contact the Centre or book online.  He is looking forward to meeting you!