What can I expect at an Initial Consultation with Blake Parisi, our Osteopathic Manual Practitioner…..

During the first session with Blake, you will go through a full health history. This includes everything from your current health status, injuries that you may currently have or any past injuries, and any other relevant information that could help find the cause of the problem.

After the health history, Blake will do some tests to see how you move and to figure out if certain muscles are working harder than others and also to see if there is a source of the injury and where it is. This can include orthopaedic tests, range of motion tests and palpating the area of discomfort.

A woman sitting in the lotus position with her legs crossed.

When the tests have concluded, Blake will talk to you about what he has found and the steps to follow. This can include mobilization techniques, muscle energy techniques, soft tissue therapy, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation and kinesiology taping. The treatment session is always tailored to the patient and their specific needs to make you better as quickly
as possible.

Following the treatment, you will retest to see if there is any improvement and reduction in pain. Then you will have a conversation about the following steps and where to go from there. This can include home exercises, ice or heat and going to see other practitioners to see if there are other modalities that will get you to be your best self. You will also be asked to come back in a week time to see if the improvement was able hold properly and if not, to see how long the treatment did hold for. This will give Blake the information he needs to determine the frequency of your visits to make you feel better as quickly as possible.