Have you used all your Acupuncture benefits for this calendar year? If not, why not try this natural healing and beautifying treatment???!!!

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facial-treatment-with-acupunctureFACIAL REJUVENATION

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture – Sandy Longworth R. AC, R.TCMP

Registered Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

 Over time, recurring facial expressions, combined with thinning skin and the decline of collagen production, causes muscles to leave their mark on our face as wrinkles.  Facial Acupuncture can increase local collagen production which fills in fine lines.  The inserted needles also increase blood circulation, allowing for better delivery of nutrients to the face and elimination of waste and toxins away from the face.  It relaxes tight muscles and improves the tone of weak muscles.  Because the needles are so fine, it is not painful.  Benefits include firmness and moisture of skin, tightening of the pores, reduction in dark circles or puffiness under the eyes and lifting of sagging skin, double chins and drooping eye lids. Some needles are placed on other points of the body relating to the individuals constitution, resulting in beneficial side effects that include increased energy, improved digestion, better sleep, enhanced stress management…..

Are you afraid of needles?

Then the Microcurrent Stimulation, “Myofacial Treatment”, is for you!

The Myopulse device palpates, massages and treats the structure of your face with unique facial probes placed on specific acupuncture points. With the adjustment of the intensity and frequency of the impulse, the device will be able to tell when your body is accepting the full treatment for optimal results. The Myopulse reprograms the muscles back to a supple, more youthful resilience and tone. Wrinkles are smoothened out by improving the skins elasticity.  Microcurrent stimulation through the devices’ brass wand is imperceptible as it reproduces the same current as our bodies’ natural current.  Not only are you treating your face, your body will feel better too.   An herbal facial including cleanse, tone with a purely organic, botanical masque or peel is included.  This treatment is customized to suit your skin type. Includes cleansing, toning, mask or facial peel, hand/foot massage.

  • Facial Rejuvenation, without pain or surgery,  without recovery time,  without side effects or drugs to consume, without risk of disfigurement or trauma and last but not least, AFFORDABLE
  • Covered under most benefit plans, as Acupuncture treatments
  • Lifts and tones Muscles
  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stress Reduction and Healing
  • Exfoliation, Re-Hydration and Relaxation …



Initial Consultation:   $50.00(one-time fee) – 50% discount, originally 100.00$

Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment or Myofacial Treatment:

$175.00 (1.5 hour per single treatment or follow-up)  OR  $900.00 (package of six 1.5 hour treatments). Covered under most benefit packages!

This treatment will leave you feeling and looking your BEST!!

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