These days, it’s not easy to manage work, family, friends, household chores, your health AND cook up a nutritious and delicious meal for you and your family. Why not take a load off and hire me, a Culinary Nutritionist, to do the cooking for you?

I know how difficult it can be to want to eat well but not have the time or energy to do so. I specialize in cooking for digestive health, weight lose and weight gain, diabetes, cancer, candida, allergies, fitness, and so much more. Whatever your health needs or concerns are, I’ve got you covered.

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Client Testimonials

“For the past three months I’ve needed the services of a personal chef to come into my home to create healthy meals for me.  I lost the use of my right arm due to an invasive tumour.  Shaunna Leinster was the perfect fit for my needs. She came well prepared with fresh organic groceries and an array of creative recipes to entice my appetite, as I wasn’t really in the mood to eat while undergoing treatments. Shaunna prepared well balanced meals of protein, healthy fats and low carbs to help me comply with my body’s needs, dietary requirements and forever changing taste buds. Her special sauces made the vegetables tastier than I could imagine and the creamy soups contained no dairy but you would never know it.  Tell her your preferences and she’ll pleasantly surprise you with combinations you’ve never even thought of. Shaunna prepared enough food for a week at a time and all I had to do was reheat it in the oven or stovetop and add my own fresh salad.  I recall one dish in particular that was quinoa based.  I threw it into my salad and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Same with the white fish (mahi) or the chicken spiced up with a little bit of hot pepper.  Into the salad of my choice and I was totally content. Her knowledge of food comes from her passion to cook combined with her skills as a certified holistic practitioner that gives you, the client, the best of both worlds.  She makes tasty and healthy meals to feed your hungry family or friends. Whatever your reasons for a personal chef, Shaunna would be an awesome choice.  I highly recommend her services and I for one will continue to use her for my personal needs.  So thank you Shaunna, for keeping me healthy and well fed, and thanks for making cauliflower taste like mashed potatoes or steamed rice! Bon Appetite !!!”-Bruna

“Shaunna’s cooking was exquisite using all organic ingredients. I learned many delicious healthy recipes. She is knowledgeable in how food can treat many health issues. Designs a meal plan that best suits your health goals and tastebuds!” -Emerita

“We work long hours, up to 11 hours at times and by the time we reach home we are exhausted. We struggle with this because we believe in clean eating along with exercise especially with that being my profession. My wife works morning until night and is a foodie, I a bit more picky when it comes to the greens. Shaunna came over and asked for our likes and dislikes (any of my wife’s intolerances) and sent a menu to us the next day. I did the shopping for her and Monday morning away she went cooking up a storm. We came home to a beautiful rich hearty stew that nourished our bodies and four lunches and dinners for the next few days. As picky as I can be the food was not only delicious but we asked for food that would help us with our weight loss goals. Yes, believe it or not I ate lentils in a casserole, I ate black beans in a delicious burrito bowl and wait for it…I had spiralized zucchini noodles with an amazing pesto cashew sauce (without basil because I dislike it) and tender chicken breast to go with it. Shaunna is a warm, compassionate and amazing Culinary Nutritionist. I will be getting all my clients to try her cooking.  For our lifestyle, it was convenient and made our day efficient.” – Chris