During these hands-on classes, you will learn the basics of preparing healthy and delicious meals using some of the most talked about super foods from kale to quinoa to chia seeds. I will show you how to take everyday foods such as cashews, dates and coconut oil and transform them into something delectable, like a vegan cheesecake that rivals the real thing. Oh yeah, I’m serious!

These fun-filled classes will provide for you the necessary tools needed to create simple, decadent meals that are full of flavour and all things good for you! And best of all, you will have a chance to sample everything we make in class. Change the way you look and feel about your food and come be inspired!

Upcoming Schedule:
Please contact us (905) 825-9996 for next available dates


$75 per person

*Only 4 spots available per class

**Please let me know of any food allergies or sensitivities upon registration