Injections from my Naturopath?

Did you know we do B12 injections here at ONWC? Not only are they great for vegans and vegetarians, Vitamin B12 also helps boost mood & energy (raise your hand if you’re stressed), protects nerve and brain cells and helps make DNA and red blood cells. That’s one mighty vitamin!
It’s naturally found in fish, meat, eggs and is often added to grains and cereals. There are a few forms of this amazing vitamin but methylcobalamin is the best form since it is easily absorbed and stays active in the body the longest. B12 supplements made with cyanocobalamin are synthetically derived.
Our Naturopaths here offer methylcobalamin B12 shots, so at your next visit ask them if it’s something that could support your health goals.

Stay tuned for part two: boosters and pushes!

This blog has been brought to you by: Dr. Kajal Chohan, Naturopathic Doctor & Certified Doula
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