Carissa Jackson, RSW, BSW - Wellness Counsellor

Carissa Jackson has worked with adults, adolescents, and families for over 16 years. She has helped people with depression, anxiety, anger, separation and divorce, low self-esteem and peri-menopause and the changes in mood accompanied with this transition. Through counselling and Carissa’s unique approach, individuals have experienced positive changes, both emotionally and spiritually in their personal lives and relationships.

Additionally, Carissa uses cognitive behavioural therapy, client centered therapy, dialectical therapy and solution focussed therapy to provide clients with the necessary tools to develop conflict resolution skills, build trust and intimacy, achieve positive communication and shift towards a balanced, happy life.

Carissa’s education includes a Bachelor of Social Work with a focus on counselling, a Human Service Worker Certificate, an Early Childhood Education Diploma, Neurolinguistic Programming and Time-line therapy. Carissa is a published author. Her book “A Mother’s Journal” was re-released in 2011.

** Please look into your extended health coverage, often counseling is listed under Social Work (counseling).