Hania Mastroddi M.Ost PGCert 

**on maternity leave July-December 2018**

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner 

  • Master of Osteopathy degree
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Specialist Paediatric Osteopathic Practice
  • OAO Member 
  • Registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) UK
  • Member of the Institute of Osteopathy (iO) UK

After taking a gap year to travel to Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia as a volunteer, Hania decided to return to London (England) to pursue her passion for whole body health in a career in Osteopathy.

Hania graduated from the British School of Osteopathy (BSO) in London England with a four-year Master of Osteopathy (M.Ost) degree. Hania has also completed post-graduate training in pediatric osteopathy at the BSO.

Hania is very passionate about osteopathy and its role in promoting whole body health and well being. Her practice aims to engage with each individual’s unique musculoskeletal system using a variety of manual techniques including joint mobilization, deep tissue massage, Kinesio Taping and other gentle techniques. Hania often follows up these sessions by providing home exercises. Hania recognizes that individual lifestyle and work can have a significant influence on overall health. Hania likes to get to know her patients and is always aiming to deliver the best quality care to each individual.

Hania has a strong sporting background including Volleyball, Netball and Sailing. She taught sailing to both adults and children in the UK for a few years alongside her osteopathic studies. She realizes the importance of returning back to beloved sports and activities as quickly and as safely as possible.

Throughout her training, Hania developed a keen interest in pediatrics and pre and post natal care.

Osteopathy for children and babies

Hania has worked with many babies and children of all ages. Some mothers like to bring their baby in for a post-natal musculoskeletal health check, other mothers bring their baby in over concerns including feeding difficulties, excessive crying or being unsettled. Hania has also supported children who are living with autism and those who have other physical and/or neurological conditions.

At the first appointment, Hania will take a detailed medical and birth history and will spend time talking with parents about their concerns. Hania will then examine your child or baby thoroughly before discussing diagnosis and treatment options. If Hania believes Osteopathy is not an appropriate treatment option for your child, she will advise toward suitable care.

With babies, Hania uses very gentle techniques to engage with their musculoskeletal system. For older children Hania uses a combination of gentle and more movement-based techniques.

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Osteopathy for expectant mothers

Hania spent time during her training in an expectant mother’s clinic which was run by an experienced osteopathic manual practitioner and midwife. Hania has treated many pregnant women and is very passionate about what osteopathy can do to help support women throughout their pregnancy.

Many expectant mothers experience problems (such as back pain) caused by postural changes and changes in weight, or linked to previous musculoskeletal problems. It can often be difficult for women in their pregnancy to exercise regularly and medication is not always suitable.

At your first appointment, Hania will take a detailed medical and pregnancy history and will take time to listen to your concerns. Hania will then examine you thoroughly and will discuss a range of options with you once a diagnosis has been reached. Osteopathy can provide relief from joint pain, muscle tensions and other difficulties. Treatment is safe for you and your baby.

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New Mother and Baby Check up

If you have just become a new mum (or a new mum again!), an osteopathic check-up following the birth can be helpful for you and your child, particularly after a long or difficult labour.

Hania Mastroddi offers a special combined session for new mothers and babies. She understands that whilst the arrival of a little one is exciting it can also be daunting, she wants to help.

At your New Mother and Baby check up, Hania will spend 1 hour and 30 minutes  getting to know you and your little one. Hania will take a detailed medical, pregnancy and birth history of you and your baby before examining both of you. Hania will then discuss her findings and treatment options with you.

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