Weight Management can deal with many phases. In the first phase, the goal of the client is to decrease weight, however, our goal is to decrease fat percentage. By creating nutritional plans and working on overall lifestyle habits we can maintain the weight loss that has taken place.  This can include specific training to formulate exercise programs specifically for the goals of the client.

Sometimes our clients find they are doing the right things but the weight isn’t changing. In these cases, we delve deeper to find the underlying route cause. Checking for insulin resistance, underlying thyroid conditions, or food intolerances creating inflammation in the body could be the obstacles that prevent the weight loss.

Lastly there are specific programs that are done – individualized for each client. For some, detoxification is required lessening the burden from the liver thereby allowing for digestion of carbohydrates to be more efficient. Some clients we put into ketosis for a period of time to help with lipolysis or “fat burning”. This is a temporary state and is monitored by a Naturopathic doctor, while coaches meet with clients weekly to keep them on the right path and create accountability to improve the individual’s success of weight loss. After these clients slowly phase out of the program by implementing food back into the body to ease digestion we achieve the end result in retraining the pancreas to output insulin effectively.

An initial consultation is done by the Naturopathic Doctor to see which program is best suited for each individual.

Individualized programs are created always keeping in mind what the root cause of the weight issue is. A consultation and full work up is needed to figure out the right weight loss program for you.  

  • Naturopathic Individualized Programs
  • Metabolic Balance

Metabolic Balance®

If your weight situation calls for a permanent solution and you want to lose weight in a safe and healthy manner, Metabolic Balance® will give you personalized nutrition road map.

No deprivation, calorie counting, pills, shots, shakes or yo yo effects. Like other plans we do not sell food or products.

Metabolic balance® is a holistic and individualized nutrition plan, created which will naturally regulate your metabolism and bring you to your ideal weight. Your plan is determined through a blood analysis, medical history and personal interview by a certified metabolic balance® Coach. The foundation Metabolic Balance® is based upon is the hypothesis that a number of different enzymes and hormones are required for the digestion of different foods.  Every body is capable of producing these substances internally, once it is provided with the necessary building blocks through the diet.  Your metabolism will be gently brought into balance through eating natural foods for your individual body and excluding what your body can’t make use of or finds toxic.

If you love to eat the this is the program for you! Call (905) 825-9996 for your complimentary 15 minute consultation with our Metabolic Coach, Sujata Kale-Banerjea.




In October 2006 I went to the doctor for a routine physical and had blood work done prior to that appointment.  When I got to my appointment my doctor said “How long have you been Diabetic?”  I said I’m not diabetic!  I didn’t believe him so I have more blood work done with another doctor and he said “Indeed you are diabetic”.   For several years I was in denial after that, although my Mother, Father and Brother were all diabetic…I was told I had “bad genes” and it wasn’t due to my diet or weight (I was perhaps 5 pounds overweight and ate a very healthy diet). I was prescribed medication to control my blood sugar and did not change any of my habits.

In 2010 I was told that I could have better control of my diabetes and I was low in Vitamin D and due to a near fatal car crash that year I had bulging discs in my spine (nerve damage) and joint pain which was later diagnosed as Fibromyalgia.  There was no talk of diet control and I still wasn’t really overweight.  I was prescribed stronger diabetic medication and tried without success, many different pain medications.

As the years progressed and the Fibromyalgia pain intensified, my A1C (3 month average blood sugar) went up also. I was prescribed INSULIN.  Just one shot of slow release insulin in the evening before bed and that would lower my blood sugar (along with the oral medication I was already taking) for the whole day.  I saw a dietician at that point and was introduced to the Canadian Food Guide and advised about the number of CARBS I should be eating per meal and the amount of exercise I should be getting. I follow instructions well and by 2015 I had gained about 10 pounds but still nothing notable.  That happens when you use insulin…no need for alarm.

During the next 5 years I took my medication and insulin every night and things didn’t seem to be going to badly so I thought.  My A1C was creeping up though and at that point I was prescribed fast acting insulin before each meal. I was up to four shots a day along with oral medication.  Well, I’ve been told, “it’s a progressive disease”…what can you do!

In late 2016/early 2017 I had a visit to my Naturopaths office and she told me about Metabolic Balance and said I’d be a perfect candidate.  Once I started on MB I never looked back.  After 3 months, I was off all of my insulin and had lost 22 pounds.  My diabetes is finally under control and I’m hoping within the year my aches and pains and inflammation will be taken care of as well.

I have really enjoyed my journey on Metabolic Balance (all of the Phases and challenges) and have a really wonderful Coach Sujata Kale-banerjea.  She is so knowledgeable and has created a closed group Face Book page so that others on MB can share recipes and experiences! It’s a great support group and our Coach Sujata is always by our side if necessary, every step of the way.   I understand now that food can be used as medicine and MB has proven it to me.  I feel like I’m in control of my destiny now, not my disease dictating my future…glaucoma, neuropathy and the likes.  I have adapted easily to the 8 Rules and will use them to the best of my ability for the rest of my life.

Janice Breen,


Age 60




What made you try Metabolic Balance®?


I had tried many diets over the years, pretty sure there wasn’t a diet I had not tried. I work out pretty 5 days a week and yet still no real weight loss. I had heard that weight loss is really about 20% exercise and 80% food. So I knew it was the food. The turning point for me to make a change was the morning I got up to put the dog out in the morning. I struggled to get out of bed, and hobbled my way down the stairs to let him out. That was it I knew this was enough, I could no longer go on this way, I had to get my food under control, as clearly working out was not enough.

How did you feel before Metabolic Balance®?


I think you become lost in everyday life, and I needed that moment above to realize how I was really feeling. I was tired, I struggled every morning to get out of bed, and go down a flight of stairs. My health was over all ok, or so I thought. My thyroid was up, polyps on my gall bladder, overweight, kidney stones. I have a physical each year, and small flags to consider each time.


Why Metabolic Balance®?


When I had my awakening, as I like to refer to it, I knew I needed to do something that would be just for me. I knew it was food, and I knew myself there were foods that made my weight more of a struggle then others.  So I knew no amount of working out was making that much of a difference. I did a lot of research and phoned a wellness centre for advice. It was suggested I meet with Sujata Kale-Banerjea who would be able to discuss with me this program Metabolic Balance. What was a 15-minute consultation to discuss the program went over an hour. Sujata was amazing and really explained the program and what to expect. I knew right then and there this was the program for me, and Sujata was the coach that would be there for me though the whole journey. And she was and still is.


How did you find the program?


I honestly went into the program with an open mind and a determination that I could do this. I knew this is something I needed to do for me. The hardest part for me was the first 16 days, as I could not work out.  Working out was just part of my everyday life, so that was hard. As for the program, it was easy to follow, and if I had any questions or concerns I knew I could contact Sujata and she would guide me. I started the program May 10th 2016, almost a year ago now. I still stick to the rules and the foods for the most part. In that time, I have had a huge family reunion, two vacations and I am always able to get back on track. As my husband tells me every time, Sujata gave me the tools not just to loose the weight but to know what to do when you “slip” how to get back on track. I know how to get back on track and stay on track.


What is the biggest change since starting Metabolic Balance®


I started this program weighing 174lbs my goal was to get to 145lbs. Today I am now 132lbs. In fact I have been around that weight since December 2016. So far, I have lost over 40lbs, and I am also maintaining the weight. In January 2017 I went for my physical, and the results were amazing, not just in weight, which they were stunned at the loss, but that I had lost the weight but had not lost any muscle mass in the process. My polyps are no longer a concern, my thyroid levels are down, and my over all health is an A+!

I feel good and now I jump out of bed and run down the stairs to put the dog out.  Metabolic Balance is about making life changes for life.  Thank you Sujata! That day back in April changed my life, and gave me the tools to use for the rest of my life, for good health, good well being.

Evelyn Fraser