Your body is calling out and Reflexology is the answer

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What is Reflexology? Who is Brooke? Why do I need Reflexology? We are excited to tackle these questions with YOU in this blog.
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Reflexology is used to balance, to make you the most optimized version of yourself, to restore what has been lost.
Why do I need Reflexology? The real question is why don’t you…

Do you have:
✔ stress
✔ pain

Who doesn’t? Reflexology can help. This gentle therapy can be used to treat the #body in a non-invasive way and allow you to #OptimizeYourPotential ©. With Brooke’s extensive background she will work with you to reach your goals for your health.

Brooke is often asked if Reflexology is the same as massage and the answer is no. The Reflexology Association of Canada ( has provided a great list about why this is:


  1. Applied to specific areas of the body (ears, face, feet, hands etc.)
  2. Promotes a response in an area removed from the stimulated reflex point.
  3. Only the outdoor clothing comes off.
  4. Uses small muscle movements of the hands, thumbs, and fingers.
  5. Improves the function of the organs, systems, and glands through reflexive stimulation.
  6. Healing is based on stimulating the nervous system through reflex points.
  7. Specialized understanding of reflex points and related anatomy.

Brooke is a Registered Reflexology Practitioner through the Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario. “Registered Reflexology Practitioner (RRPr) is the only federally recognized Reflexology designation valid throughout Canada and acknowledged by Insurance companies. The use of this mark is protected and registered with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office” (

Brooke also holds a Bachelor in Kinesiology & Psychology from the University of British Columbia. She is here to help you make your body work for YOU!

The basics: treatments are an hour, Brooke is registered and licensed, no it will not hurt, yes you can come if you’re ticklish, you can have your hands or your feet worked but not both in the same day, yes you can call with questions 905-825-9996 and finally you do not have to have something “wrong with you” to come for treatment.
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Still have questions? Book in for a complimentary 15min meet & greet with Brooke to address any concerns!

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